For Different Purposes

Logo, no trim-1-1-2This page contains website of other ministries, artists, etc. that I not only do I support, but I know you will enjoy too. So, as you look throughout this site, check out these other sites as well and I’m sure they will bless you.

 Girlfriend Therapy, IncKwanza is an awesome woman of God looking to minister to woman, young and old, empowering and encouraging them through the Word of God. I have the awesome opportunity to work alongside her and other amazing women of God on this journey, so check it out. Connect with Girlfriend Therapy on Facebook too.

Self-Growth – One thing that encourages my heart the most is seeing a man after God’s own heart, like Phil Wallace who desires nothing more than to glorify God in word and deed. Seeing the greatness of God in his life, his movement, Self Growth, encourages people to grow in Christ and in positivity. Follow the movement and you will be blessed by his two books you can find on Amazon, “Around the World with God in 45 Minutes” and his latest “Surviving the Hunt.” You can also follow the blog at

Lantern Mindsets – My sister in Christ Eboni is doing big things relaunching her ministry site. Her purpose is to use God’s Word to illuminate the good path & provide resources to the community. So please go checks her out and be blessed. You can also find Lantern Mindsets on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

The Tipper Foundation –  God blesses people the awesome ability to take a tragedy and turn it a triumph for the community around them. William “Tipper” Thomas has done just that. After a traumatic event, he was burdened to be a light to the community by fundraising to assist families in the process of long term recovery following a traumatic injury. In doing so, doors were opened for him to inspire and speak across the country on things like violence, the importance of having an education, overcoming obstacles, and race relations. Get connected and follow his journey!

MissionKey Communications, LLC – The lovely Samantha McCoy leads this team as they help build non-profit and cultural organizations in diverse communities and build up their leaders to impact the lives of people in their respective communities. Find them on Facebook as well.


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