About Purpose


Although she was raised in the church all her life and was saved at the age of 4, she didn’t fall in love with Jesus until I was 15. It was then she realized how much He loved her and how selfish she had been in giving the love back to Him. Since then she understands how much she need Him, because she can do nothing apart from Him, and all she is and would ever hope to be is by His grace. As a result, her purpose is to share the love He showed her and how He gave her purpose in even her darkest hour. After all, her name means purpose.nia-anderson-430.jpgApart from that, she speaks Spanish and she loves to sing. Reading puts her in her happy place and dancing makes her smile. Writing was sopurpose 13-1mething she did to release her mind, but now she enjoys sharing her thoughts of what God has shown her. She is a world traveler and has had several ministry opportunities in Central America and the Caribbean. She studied Spanish at Liberty University, got her Master’s in Human Behavior from Capella University, and second Master’s in Theological Studies from Regent University, and fully desires to continue using her knowledge and spiritual gifts in full-time ministry via writing, singing, and speaking around the world.