You Know the Look

eyesIf you have learned anything from these blogs, you know that I love a good Bible story, those that seem so simple, yet have those little details that change your perspective on everything. It’s those details that make the story, which you often don’t catch until you have read it or hear it in about a thousand times over. With all that being said, let’s talk about Peter.

If you are unfamiliar with Peter, he is the outspoken disciple who Jesus had to rebuke Satan out of. Yeah, him. Needless, to say there is much that is written about him, not to mention the two books he authored in the New Testament. But there is one story, one scene I want to focus all attention. Using the account Luke gave, one of the most familiar stories surrounding Peter is that of his denial of Jesus. Long story short, Jesus previously tells Peter that he would deny him three times before the rooster crowed, and of course Peter refutes it. However, in the midst of the night, after Jesus had been arrested and facing the fury of the Sadducees and Pharisees, Peter got scared, and to his defense, for good reason, still, Jesus’ prediction came true.

However, it’s not the denial I find captivating, but something in verse 61. It states that Jesus looked straight at Peter, Whoa! Sometimes we forget the human aspect of Jesus and that he did have emotions and expressions. Therefore, can you imagine what that would look was? I remember some images I got once of Jesus smiling, and it was so endearing, because it’s not something generally associated with Christ, but it made me think that for Jesus to be true and perfect, he had to smile and laugh. It’s almost weird; I can only assume he had perfect teeth. Back to the story, you know that look, the one your Mom gives you that says, “you got a good three seconds to get your life right,” or the look from the Dad that says, “I’m disappointed in you,” or from your spouse that lets you know you are in trouble and says “I can’t believe you.” The look that is the complete opposite of smiling or pleasantry. Yeah, that look. Now imagine Jesus giving you that look of heartbreak, pain, and or upset. Can you imagine what Peter must have felt? The shame, the guilt, the sadness.

I can only think of how often I’ve heard and I’ve even said, “what would you do or how would you act if Jesus was here?” In some interpretation of that, it’s a real thought though. If Jesus saw how you were living or not living your life, what kind of look would he give you? Those things you think he doesn’t see or hear, how do you think he is looking at you. So many times, a look can say so much more than words ever could, I should know. I’ve been told I have those types of looks, those that let people know what you are think at any given moment, good or not so favorable.

It really is a mind-boggling concept though; Jesus looking straight at me in my eyes. I already tend not to look people in the eye as much as possible, because it honestly makes me uncomfortable, but I’m learning, Still, it has to be an overwhelming feeling to have Jesus, the name of Who created the universe and can hold it in the palm of his hand, looking you dead in your face after something you did. It makes you think a little bit more and be more mindful of what we do, because he is looking.

So now you  may be asking what this has to do with anything. Well, at some point, you will meet Jesus face-to-face and he will be looking you in your eyes, all his focus will be on you. The question is, what kind of look will it be? Will he be shaking his head at you? Will he look disappointed or hurt because you chose to not walk in your purpose and be all that he created and died for you to be? Or will he have the look of a proud father, speechless because his child finally made it home? Either way, he will look at you. In the mean time, how would Jesus look at you now?

Be you for a purpose so his eyes have a reason to smile when they peer at you.

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