Power of Music

This post will not be the normal length. This time around, my post is dedicated to music, which I feel is one of the world’s most powerful forces. Thus, these videos are here to encourage whoever chooses to watch. They are great songs, both secular and sacred, that helped me, so I know will help you, even in the least bit, to recognize that you are here on purpose.

Leah Smith – Beautifully Made → (Psalm 139)

India Arie – Beautiful

Tammy Trent – At the Foot of the Cross → (Isaiah 63)

Identity – James Fortune

I really have nothing to say apart from, this is my motivation for life: being more and more like Christ as much as I possibly can on this side of glory. In every thing I say and do I want Jesus to be reflected in me; I want his being alone to define me, and his glory be satisfied through my life. Thank you James Fortune for this song, you music is changing lives.