This does apply to my dudes, but particularly for my ladies: when you really see yourself as God sees you, and when you truly understand find your value, worth and identity in Him alone (not $$, men, sex, education, body-image, material things, job-status, children, family back ground or the lack thereof, personality, talent, skills, clothes, or even your sign) I guarantee, you will be set free and be changed forever.

Too many times we as women subject ourselves bad circumstances, searching for love and wanting to feel like we’re worth something, more than what we feel about ourselves. So, we enter into unhealthy relationships, become promiscuous, stress ourselves out with school and work trying to become a somebody, do things to get attention (too many times from men) – often those things we never thought we would do (for good reason) –  buy shoes we know we cant afford to impress our friends, and even sell out our dream to get our parents’ approval.

But God has such a greater purpose for you than you may have for yourself. You are His precious jewel from Eden. Don’t get swept, trying yo prove your worth to whomever, thinking you’re dirt. God didn’t make you from dirt 😉 (that alone is another blog to come ☺). He doesn’t want to change who you are, He wants to enhance who you are. Although, inadvertently some things will have to change.

So I ask this question, where does you worth lie?

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