Rear View

So as you I am sure you have heard before, as you progress in life, people will often tell you not to dwell on the past and to stay focused on the future. I mean even the Bible says not to dwell on the past and keep your eyes on what’s ahead, because like a car, if you drive looking backwards, there is no doubt that you will crash.

But then I thought about it some more.

There is such a thing as a rear view mirror, something that allows you to see what is behind you for safety precautions. Still, what is the point? Well, if you want to bring Scripture back into it, time after time there is the sentiment of remembering where you came from and remembering what God did in the past.


On this road of life, there is a purpose for all your mirrors and there are times you will have to check your blind spots and check your rearview mirror to remind yourself of what was in the past and what may be coming up against you. It will let you know whether you need to slow down or speed up, switch lanes, or pull over and stop. Far too often people are criticized for forgetting where they came from, as if the past never existed and make others feel uncomfortable, and because they never check their rear view, they are oblivious to the fact or don’t care that they have left others behind, denying what is often times not too far in back of them. In the same way, God many times, in the midst of their grumbling or crying out in bondage or suffering, had to tell His people not to forget what He had done for them in order to correct or encourage them.

The same applies to us.

Yeah, it’s good to move forward and keep your eyes on what is set before you, because if you keep looking back, you may in one way or another turn to a pillar of salt. Still, that rear view mirror of life will help us and give us direction in the decisions and choices we make to keep us from crashing, harming others or going of a cliff. It will also be our hope, in reflecting on where we have come from and what God has done, so there is less of a reason to fear the road ahead, though it may be treacherous. Checking behind you also allows you to connect and communicate with those riding with you to make sure they are in good standing.

All in all, the rear view mirror is there for a reason, so as you are progressing and growing and going in life, take advantage of that feature when you are on the highways of life, but remember that your attention can’t stay there, otherwise you will never reach where you are destined and trying to go. Yet, keep in mind that you may have to adjust your mirror to the circumstance so that you have the right focus and line of sight.

Be you for a purpose never forgetting who you were and where you came from and remembering what God has done, as you put into focus where you are going.

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