I considered a more creative title, but in life I’ve learned the value of simplicity. Anyhow, budthis time the year is what we’ve known to be as spring. Most people enjoy this season because of the weather and the flowers that bud and the chance to wear bright colors. However, today reminded me that Spring is about new life more than anything else. For example, many weddings are in the Spring, as well as most graduations. Needless today, my cousin gets married today, and my home girl graduates too, still of course there are so many others that I know will be or have already graduated, have or will getting married within these next couple weeks.

A new beginning. This is the season of rebirth and change. Life changes all the time, and we can’t help that. Yet, every now and then, we anticipate these changes, ready to embrace a new journey, start a new chapter, or if nothing else, just take a chance. So my encouragement to you, if you are budding in this season and God has allowed you to experience new things, embrace it, love it, and grow. As you bud remember God is with you, don’t be afraid, for He has an amazing purpose for you. Your path doesn’t stop here. Isaiah 43:18 tells us to forget the former things. The way I heard it explained, don’t settle with what you’ve already accomplished (or the things that hurt you). Yes, celebrate and be thankful, but don’t dwell on it, because God has even greater things in store if you keep reaching a little higher. God is so awesome, it’s almost like He says, “Oh you think, that what something? Just wait until next Spring.” He continually wants to blow are minds at His power, love, favor, and faithfulness. So bud and keep blossoming as you start this new thing in your life. Keep your eyes focused on the cross. He will never steer you wrong. I’m a witness.

On the other hand, maybe for you it may be Spring outside, but in your life it’s been nothing but a dry plateau. Well, we serve a God that makes a stream in the desert (Isaiah 43:19). You may feel like everyone else around you is moving on in their lives to bigger and better things, but you aren’t. Either you thought you would be in a different place by now, or things just aren’t working anymore. You feel God is blessing everyone else…but you. You thing He has forgotten you and your old situation. Well let me tell, that couldn’t be further from the truth. He has not forgotten about you and wants to fulfill His purpose in your life. It may be a little rainy, more than you want, but some of the rarest and most beautiful flowers need more rain to grow, and some even take longer to bloom. Still, if you learn to dance in the rain, change your perspective, your life will change. Either way, hold on because your season is coming and God is preparing you, so keep focused on Him and when your heart is ready for your blessing, your Spring will be even more glorious.


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