Zero to Hero


As I was eating Chipotle and admiring the voices of the muses, the story of Hercules is one that isn’t necessarily uncommon, but watching Disney’s rendition I just wanted to reflect upon and prayerfully encourage you in the process.

Although Hercules was born a god, we were made in the image of God purposed for the extraordinary, but the Devil, like Hades, has other plans for our lives and does all he can to destroy us and mess up God’s plans, ultimately trying to gain control. Through the temptation that led to sin, we were stripped of our immortality and we are always at war with the Devil who tries to rule, though he is well aware of what will happen to him in the end, similar to the movie.

Nevertheless, I want to continue with Hercules, as seen in the movie from the beginning, his parents knew something was special about him and as he grew up his strength grew, yet still he was immature and lacked self-control. As a result, others weren’t too fond of him or took well to his gifts and so he was often left out, misunderstood, and put in awkward situations. Sounds like me, and I’m sure sounds like you, even a little bit, which makes me so thankful for those who encourage me, pray for me, and help me to nurture the gifts and strengths I have. Then there are the times when people doubt what you are able to do time after time again in addition to training like Hercules, praying, fasting, and seeking His face. But you have to remain faithful, even when the Lord shows you glimpses of the hero you will become. And yeah, there are times we get anxious, get in way over our head, forget some of the things we learned, but victory is not always perfect and pretty. This takes time and a decision to develop and become all of who God intended you to be, and usually when you are least expecting it to happen, God opens a door and people begin to believe who you are and the power of your gift, whatever it may be, but beware of the Achilles’ heel of pride.

As we see in the movie (I won’t spoil it), the greatest way to demonstrate and or mirror the image of God, is humility. Jesus himself was the humblest and greatest hero in being the ultimate sacrifice for us as wretched as we are, in the same manner we have to die to ourselves daily and put others’ needs ahead of our own.

All in all, I just wanted to encourage you to stay the course and don’t run from your gift or your God-given strengths no matter how misunderstood you are or how little confidence others have in you. Take the story of Hercules and know that your time is coming, but it will take heart and patience to truly be you for a purpose and be what Heaven intended.

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