Proof of God’s Existence

 Have you ever just walked outside felt the breath of the sun, or just looked outside and were serenaded by the melody of the rain? Have you looked in amazement at the beauty of a flower, or witness the growth of child from birth? Well I have and you know what? I refuse to believe in evolution. Now let me say, the purpose of this post is not to debate evolution versus creation using all the studies and scientific hooplah. Rather just from what I have seen and been exposed to on my short time here on Earth, the majesty of a Great Designer astonishes me.

Recently, I have seen documentaries and videos on big cats and flowers. To see how they live and operate, gaze into their instincts, and understand what they are and perform accordingly. It amazes me that people can really believe that the intricacies of their survival is proof of a big bang billions of years prior. To see the migration of the monarchs, the pollination of flowers by the hands of hummingbirds, bees, and bats, or the hunting mechanisms of a cheetah, lion, or leopard, is nothing short of beauty to behold. To see the metamorphis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, the transformation of the green summer leaves to reads, oranges, yellows, and browns as a sign of the season change, or the loveliness of icicles covering winter trees after a storm, I can’t help but fall in love all over again with the God that created them.

I see a lot of pictures on Facebook and from time to time I look into travel magazines and see the variety of beauty in other parts of the world, places I can help but dream to visit one day. For example go to El Rosario, Mexico to see the butterfly sanctuary, the Netherlands to visit the tulip fields, Mindanao, Philippines to behold the vivid colors of a rainbow eucalyptus tree, or to Montana to pick up a colored stone from Pebbles Stone Lake.

Furthermore, over the last year, I have had the opportunity to fly, and let me say it is so breathtaking to be side-by-side the majestic white clouds or fly amongst the brilliant stars of the night sky. Likewise, I am a lover of fresh fruit, and I am always so anxious to eat and to taste new fruits and embrace its sweet taste and unique texture, and be mesmerized by the deep and rich colors. Even still, just considering the abilities of the human brain, there is no way that it could have evolved from some blessed ape or that I just came into existence by chance.

When I consider all this, it’s proof of God’s existence, not His absence. Over and over in Psalms, the write speaks of how creation displays the glory of God and Paul claims that anyone who looks at nature has no excuse for not believing in God, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m thoroughly convinced that believing in evolution requires more faith than creation. I mean seriously, there is far too much detail in the existence of each and every life form or millions of species of plants, flowers, insect, fish, animals, even the plethora of variety of people, that is all could come from one random cell billions of years ago.

All in all, if you ever doubt God’s existence, or you wonder if her cares about you, I challenge you to walk outside and take hold the nature, the birds singing, the water rushing into the stream, the feel of sand or dirt beneath your feet, the coolness of the wind that you can’t see, or sit beneath the stars. God over and over has shown me His love for me through His creation; let Him love you too.