Month: September 2012

A Day Like Today

So to keep this short and from putting people on blast, today did not go my way. I was in a competition, and while singing the mic started to act funny then it just went smooth off. First fail of the day, then on top of that I was the last one to get there, but was somehow the first to perform. What in the world?! I was so not expecting that. Then there were the other acts which were cool, including my sister who did phenomenal. I knew one of us had it in the bag, until my fiasco lol. Anyhow, my sister won. I can’t lie and say I didn’t, but I really did want to win…real bad. But, I sucked it up. I had to she was my sister ☺. So after that we were waiting for her prize and all that jazz, and long story very short, she wasn’t able to receive it, due to a conflict of interest. I knew something was wrong, especially when she came back to me crying. Oh snap! It was about to be a wrap. But I held it together; I had to. There was really nothing that I could do. Still, for my sister to cry that protective mode kicked in quick and…yeah, and then my momma apologized because of how the whole thing went down. Man oh, man. Got my emotions all jacked up.

All that to say, this is the second time when I expected something to go one way, my way, and it didn’t, but I accepted the next best thing and that didn’t pan out either. Each time all I could say was, “God what in the world?! What is the purpose ’cause I ain’t gettin’ it?”

The first time this happened, it’s been about 2 years, and the Lord pretty much took away my dream. I had one plan, and it didn’t work out the way I had originally planned, so I settled with what I thought was the next best thing, but would ultimately get me where I wanted to go. Needless to say, once I figured out that plan was so null and void, I never felt so lost in my life. It was then I discovered and accepted God’s control over my life. It was hard because I had it all planned to a ‘t,’ and He stripped it away. So I was left with nothing. Or so I thought. Now what happened today wasn’t as dramatic emotionally and spiritually lol, but it just reminds me that God is God.

Back to my second story, it was when I just waited on God and did what I could do for Him in the mean time. He developed a new passion. This year is the year that what He has been doing in my life since I graduated in 2010 is coming to fruition. On a day like today, I was reminded that things will not always go my way, won’t always go smoothly, and won’t always make sense no matter what way you look at it. Still, God’s favor is real and He knows best. Many times we don’t see what He is up to behind the scenes, and so the only purpose we have sometimes is just to show up and do just what He had for you to do, and trust that God will bless our efforts. I know this because even though things didn’t go how I desired, I still made connections and even got a singing gig ☺.

So if you get nothing else from this post, I encourage you to seize every opportunity, even when it may not be all you hoped. There is always good, we just have to find it and keep it moving. Your purpose depends on it.

Jewel of the Garden: Woman

The more I hear and think about the story of creation and consider all the characters and flowergemthe events that took place, the more I am fascinated by the creation of women. I’d like to think of us, women, as the Jewels of the Garden. Unfortunately, in today’s world it’s hard to feel that beauty and value, when it is often times measured by the superficial. However, God knew what He was doing when He created woman. He had a special purpose for woman that makes her so unique, which is why as women, we have to find our identity in Christ alone, so that our greater purpose can be fulfilled. He already has proven his love, in that he loved us enough to die for us, therefore, we should love him enough to live for him. Nonetheless, the whole story of the creation of woman shows what David meant in Psalm 139, and how we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

To start off, I read a book by a great author named Donald Miller. In this book he laid out the events that took place before God brought Eve to Adam. First, He created the world, then He created man. However, the point he made was that right after God created him, He put him to work. He told Adam that he was to work it and watch over Eden, and on top of that to name all the animals…ALL of them (Genesis 2:15-19). Can you imagine how long that would have taken. Think about all the animals, in the land, water, and sky. More so, all of them had mates…except Adam. The interesting thing is that even before God told him to name the animals, He promised Adam that He’d give him a suitor, because it wasn’t good to be alone. I don’t think Adam quite understood the significance of what the Lord had promised, until he began to see the mates of each creature and how they complemented each other. Thus, seeing pair after pair, and watching their interactions, he was probably more excited to receive his. It had to be a very long process. Think about it, naming everything, then after a while you have to make sure you don’t use the same name, and then having to classify the types of creatures.

gems5So, when Adam was finally finished working, God put him to sleep. It was then that He took from Adam’s side, his rid, not the ground, and formed Eve. I heard my dad preach one time, that in pulling out from Adam, to created Eve, He took all that was feminine out of man and produced woman. This explains why there is such the connection between male and female; the very make up of a woman He took out of man. As a result, how do you think Adam felt when He first saw and met Eve? I would think excited, in awe, but most of all appreciative. I think he recognized the undeniable value and irreplaceable blessing of the gift God had given him, and the uncompromising purpose he saw within her. So if Adam felt this way about Eve and appreciated her ever so much, why would a woman settle for a man that treats and feels about her any differently? God’s purpose was never that a woman be abused, taken for granted, mistreated, and or neglected by any man. You are the precious jewel of the garden, God knew it and Adam knew it. David O. McKay said it best:

“Women were created from the rib of man to be beside him, not from his head to top him, nor from his feet to be trampled by him, but from under his arm to be protected by him, near to his heart to be loved by him.”

God already called you beautiful (Song of Songs 4:7) and truly takes delight and sings about you (Zephaniah 3:17). You are like a jewel in His crown. Do you know your worth?


This does apply to my dudes, but particularly for my ladies: when you really see yourself as God sees you, and when you truly understand find your value, worth and identity in Him alone (not $$, men, sex, education, body-image, material things, job-status, children, family back ground or the lack thereof, personality, talent, skills, clothes, or even your sign) I guarantee, you will be set free and be changed forever.

Too many times we as women subject ourselves bad circumstances, searching for love and wanting to feel like we’re worth something, more than what we feel about ourselves. So, we enter into unhealthy relationships, become promiscuous, stress ourselves out with school and work trying to become a somebody, do things to get attention (too many times from men) – often those things we never thought we would do (for good reason) –  buy shoes we know we cant afford to impress our friends, and even sell out our dream to get our parents’ approval.

But God has such a greater purpose for you than you may have for yourself. You are His precious jewel from Eden. Don’t get swept, trying yo prove your worth to whomever, thinking you’re dirt. God didn’t make you from dirt 😉 (that alone is another blog to come ☺). He doesn’t want to change who you are, He wants to enhance who you are. Although, inadvertently some things will have to change.

So I ask this question, where does you worth lie?

Lessons from Eden – Part 2

I love the Garden, so much is in the story. Nonetheless, the blog prior emphasized 1_eve-serpentungratefulness. This go round is something I recently had to learn and deal with. After the serpent shifted Eve’s focus to the one and only tree of a hundred (hypothetically) that she could not have, he caused her to do something else that was detrimental. He made her doubt what the Lord said.

Eve knew what God has said, because of Adam had told her. However, after losing focus, she enabled herself to become vulnerable to others’ opinions. Even in my own life, I knew what God said, but there were others around me that would give their opinions and insight, they wasn’t even necessarily bad, but, it just wasn’t what God said. In the same way, I knew what I wanted and I wanted it at the moment, so my selfish desires also blocked by vision. Nonetheless, I begin to doubt and reconsider what God had told me, and I got my emotions all mixed up and almost took matters into my own hands. Yet, by the grace of God and the power of his word, I found solace in knowing that what God said is what God said; no one can change what He said. This is why we have to keep God’s word in our hearts. There are so many voices and opinions and influences in this world, it can become harder and harder to decipher what is really the voice of God. Still, the closer we draw to Him, the clearer his voice becomes, no compromise, no doubt. Don’t make the same mistake Eve did.

God said it. I believe it. That settles it. Your purpose depends on it.

10 For just as rain and snow fall from heaven
and do not return there
without saturating the earth
and making it germinate and sprout,
and providing seed to sow
and food to eat,
11 so My word that comes from My mouth
will not return to Me empty,
but it will accomplish what I please
and will prosper in what I send it to do.” – Isaiah 55:10-11

Lessons from Eden


One of the things I love about the Bible is the story aspect of it. The characters are so diverse, the plots are so intricate, and the lessons learned are even more dynamic. Of those stories there is the one story that started it all, “The Garden of Eden.” It is in this story that the world changed forever, and the only other time such a change happened was the birth of Jesus. Still, there at the Garden, there is so much that meets the eye, so many angles to look, and so many lessons to be learned. For the sake of this post, we’ll look at one.

The Devil still uses the same tricks as he did back in Eden today, because they still work. One of which is ungratefulness. Let’s just say, for example, there were 100 different trees in the garden. One hundred different trees, each with a different fruit or whatever element can grow on trees, and they were pretty too (Genesis 2:9). Looking at that alone, I can’t even name 50 different trees or the food that grows on them. However, out of the 100, God specifically said don’t eat of one, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:17).  Now, if Eve (since she was tricked first) would have realized that she already had access to the other 99 trees and would’ve been grateful with that fact alone, she wouldn’t have ate the one tree she wasn’t supposed to. Likewise, many people today, we lose sight of the many great blessings that we do have and the value in them. Then, in some way or another the Devil comes in and shifts our focus to the one thing that we don’t have and often don’t need, we lose sight and forget the blessings we already have, which is far more compared to what we don’t have. When the temptation or lust, if you want to call it, gets strong enough, we are led to do things we know we shouldn’t do and we many times compromise and we get ourselves into situations that God didn’t want us in in the first place. The lesson here is that God knows what’s best for us in our lives, and what’s best to fulfill our purpose. We don’t. We must be grateful always for what the Lord has blessed us with, be happy with those who God blesses as well (Romans 12:15), and remember what God has for us is for us.