A Great Mistake of Today’s Church

No church is perfect. Each church has its own issues, problems, and things they could and should change. And truth be told there are some issues that are more common than others. However there is one particular that I want to discuss.

God does have a purpose for each of his children. Some of which would require a person to marry, and others that would require singleness. The problem comes when many Christian institutions, not just churches, are so adamant that every Christian should marry. I do not believe that to be true.

Now don’t get me wrong, when marriage is done the right way for the right reasons, it is a noble, honorable and beautiful thing. I mean I myself would love to get married one day and share my life with the man God created for me. Still, that is just me. Not everyone is meant to be married. There are some things that a married person cannot engage in, and Paul even talks about it in 1 Corinthians chapter 7, as well, he himself embraced the single life.

Many teach in one way or another, that marriage is the only way to live a  life of purity, or rather subside the urge of fornication or immorality. FALSE. There are many ways to remain pure, take Philippians 4:8 for example. It starts with your thoughts. There are things around us everyday that aren’t godly that we can’t control. In the same way there are just as many things that we can control to help keep us focused on what God has for us, whether it be marriage or celibacy, like what we read, watch on tv or movies, music we listen to, people we hang around, and places we go.

Being single is not a disease. If that is God’s calling for you don’t doubt it or be pressured into thinking otherwise. When you know who you are, know your purpose, understanding God’s will for your life, live that way by the grace of God and be content with that, whether marriage is in you future or not. But that’s between you and God to determine, and which ever life He would have for you, embrace it follow His word and will and let God do His thang in the way only He can.

One comment

  1. YES!!!

    This is an excellent piece that highlights the importance of not focusing on marriage, just for the sake of being or getting married.

    I agree that being single is not a disease. It’s something that should be cherish and embraced!

    Great piece Nia!

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