Mary x2


So, I learned that it was two different Mary’s that anointed Jesus (Mary of Bethany in John; Mary Magdalene in Luke). Now realizing it’s two totally different stories, I came to a conclusion. Even though these Marys were complete opposite in lifestyle – Mary of Bethany was a good Jew stayed out of trouble, and Mary Magdalene on the other hand, was a prostitute and an outcast – Yet, they BOTH understood their dire need for Jesus. They BOTH understood how holy, worthy, and deserving of the honor, glory & praise he really is. As a result they washed his feet with their tears, dried them with their hair, and anointed him with oil.

So it tells me that no matter who we are, our lifestyles, where we come from, or whatever good or bad, WE ALL NEED JESUS, because like another writer said, EVERY knee will bow.

My life is far from perfect, still, my world isn’t exactly crashing down. Either way I’m living, no matter how great or bad it will get, I understand how I have to depend solely on JESUS and choose to bow now….rather than later…by then it’ll be too late.


So as you live out your purpose, whether in a secular environment or Christian environment, remember Christ. Don’t let pride or insecurity keep you from praying and submitting to his will. When you’re poor in spirit, you understand that the only way to fulfill your purpose in this life, and the only way to live on purpose is by his gracious hand. That is what Mary and Mary understood. No matter what was in their past, their future, their purpose, was in Jesus alone. When you really comprehend the magnitude and intensity of that, it can make you cry. It’s an absolutely beautiful thing to finally understand we are absolutely nothing without God. He gives us meaning. He gives us purpose.

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