[To understand my purpose]
I [must continually] surrender my life
Not letting my mind and flesh overwhelm me
Learning that other people need encouragement
But not everyone wants to be encouraged
Knowing that through God all things are possible
I now understand what it means to be me
Now able to comprehend the concept of don’t be who people think you are but be who you know you are
I’ve established the fact that someone will always have something to say about everything
I have figured out that no one else is quite like me
I am an individual priceless and unique
I’ve concluded that there’s always good in some strange way in every situation
That life is hilarious the way things just fall into place
I’ve recognized the true meaning of wisdom and courage
I’ve accepted that I am different but special in every way
I’ve realized what I was put on earth to do
 I’ve acknowledged the fact that there is purpose for my life
Still being challenged in my walk and in my talk and in my living
I’m choosing to take the road few people travel
As I learn the new meaning of what life is
I’ve given some things up
Yet waiting to take things in
Learning to let things go
However still remembering the world I’ve come from
Things were taken
More were gained
I’ve surrendered my life

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